Monday, February 18, 2013

Wordle Activity

In my previous post I discussed Wordle in the classroom. One way that I have used this with 3rd graders is with a biography unit. I had my students interview each other and then use the answers to their questions to create a word cloud about their partner. I made the word cloud below about another 3rd grade teacher to show the students what to do. I connected my laptop to the projector and went through all the steps of Wordle so that my students would understand how to use it. They found it very simple to use and loved the fact that they could search for a template of their liking. After each student created their biography word cloud, I printed and mounted each one on a bulletin board so that others could read their creation. Although Wordle has an option to save your work to their public gallery, I did not have my students do this. My students had a great time with this tool and I hope to use it again this year.

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