Monday, February 18, 2013


When thinking back to high school and college, I created hundreds of flashcards over the years when studying and ended up simply throwing the cards away after the test. Quizlet can help you change that by helping you create online flashcards that you can use over and over again and even share with others.

After creating a Quizlet account for free, you can create flashcards and organize them by class, topic, skill, etc. and access them multiple times. After the cards are created, you can do a few "fun" activities in order to study your topic. Quizlet allows you to take a test with your information, race friends, and even race yourself with the information. I like the idea of these activities as I know from experience it gets boring just reading a term and flipping the card over for the answer. Multiple classmates could split up the information and create flash cards to share with the rest of the class instead of leaving all the work on one person.

If you do not want to create a Quizlet account, you can simply search your topic on the website and if there are flashcards created, you will be able to access and study them.

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