Monday, February 18, 2013

Sign Up Genius Experience

For our recent Valentine's Day Party, I used the tool Sign Up Genius that I discussed previously in my blog. I wanted to give an update on how this went. For the most part, everything with this tool went great. I have wonderful classroom parents so many of them signed up for an item and continued to go back to the sign up to make sure everything was filled, if it wasn't, they would sign up for another item. One problem that I did have was that when I asked for juice boxes, I made 2 sign up spots and asked for 12 each. In the description I wrote that it should be 1 box of 12 juice boxes. Some parents did not understand this and since I created my sign up for 12 slots it let multiple parents sign up for this item. After I saw too many people signing up for this, I tried to fix it but it wouldn't let me. Needless to say, I ended up with tons of leftover juice boxes! That seemed to be the only mistake I made when using this tool. Many parents also used the "contact" button where they could contact me with questions. Some of the parents who did this also contacted me about other things which was great because they were able to get my email address right from the website. I look forward to using this sign up tool in the future and know I will know how to fix my mistakes. You can take a look at my sign up below!

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